We love to voice Creators, Changemakers and Chroniclers on our website. Submit your story for Arch India Magazine to sakshi.archindia@gmail.com.

What Kind of Stories do we accept?

Arch India believes in publishing original content, created by our authors and exclusive to our platform.

We accept brand, project, and product story submissions in the form of a few images, a little text, maybe even a candid conversation – and publish an article about it on our website. So, basically, we are telling your story in a new way after you share it with us.

Here’s what we accept and publish:

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Descriptive articles on the works of Indian Architects, Design Studios, Engineering and Construction firms, apart from opinion pieces, interviews, initiatives, documentation and discussions.


Coverage of Projects, Products, and Design Studios, spanning Interior, Furniture, Product, Industrial, Communications, UX and more.

Cities and Urbanism

Pieces focused on the urban environment, including changemakers and urbanists contributing significantly to India’s cities and towns, through the lens of sustainability, inclusive growth and socioeconomic development.

Real Estate

Detailed information about India’s residential, commercial, retail, and industrial real estate markets, including key developments, hot topics, and market trends.

Building Technology

Well-researched articles encouraging more thoughtful, well-informed technology choices in order to advocate building technology as a constructive force.

Art and Heritage

Stories around Indian cities and villages, monuments and ruins, traditions, practices and beliefs, and arts & crafts, spanning visual, material, literary and performing arts, across the wide diversity of the country.

So, how to go about it?

First, some formalities

By submitting your content to Arch India for publishing, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. View them HERE.

Next, The Process

We prefer submissions sent over email. You can send text and images of your project to the following contact:

Sakshi Singh (Managing Editor): sakshi.archindia@gmail.com

We do not have a tight format you need to stick to, but we would appreciate it if your submission had a few basics:

  • Make sure to include at least 2 images/photographs with the right credits mentioned. The images must be of good quality (at least 2880 px size)
  • Add links and some text about the project either as a separate document or within the mail body.
  • You may send zipped images or links to filesharing sites (Google Drive/Dropbox and so on), but do send a few sample images in your email just for a preview.

The more pictures you send us, the merrier. Our readers love seeing as much as reading (maybe they prefer seeing more).

Once you submit your story to Arch India, our editors will have full right to change, edit and omit any part of your submission for the purpose of keeping up with the website’s style, theme and content. Read more about our Terms and Conditions of Submission HERE.

What Next?

Send your story in, and give us a few days to publish it on our website. We will share details with you over email.

Then, go and share it on social media and on your website/blog.