Talking Real Estate-Tech Marriage with Goel Ganga Group MD

Atul Goel, Managing Director of Goel Ganga Group, believes that the marriage between real estate and technology is bringing ease, efficiency and transparency in transactions and relationships.

By Sakshi Singh

Q/ What are some key philosophies behind the projects of the Goel Ganga Group? How have these philosophies helped you establish yourself as a market leader?

A: Our key philosophy is that we are here to deliver Pure Delight to our customers. Not merely satisfaction, but Pure Delight. We strongly believe that real estate is a service industry. We are here at the service of our customers. And for us at Goel Ganga Group, the most important thing is to understand the needs, dreams and aspirations of our customers.

For nearly four decades now, we have worked hard to be a single-point delivery system for our customers, whether it be in residential real estate or commercial real estate. We have created an eco-system of land selection, land purchase, project design and project delivery that is centred on the needs of our customers.

When every single aspect of the project, right from its location to its final delivery is focused on maximizing positive experiences for our clients, Pure Delight is the result. And that is our philosophy like I said at the beginning – to deliver Pure Delight to our customers.

Q/ Which industry verticals are you currently focused on? Are there any plans for expansion in the future?

A: We are working primarily on mid-sized residential and also luxury residential projects. We are also working on some commercial and retail infrastructure projects. We are also building some very interesting infrastructure in the education vertical. Mid-sized and luxury residential, retail infrastructure and education – those, I would say, are our 3 primary areas of focus.

Q/ The real estate sector found itself struggling due to softening demand in the wake of the pandemic but is gradually changing for the better. What are some key factors behind the upswing, and do they look sustainable?

A: The sentiment of the market and the sentiment of the people is the main factor that we all need to understand. The pandemic had one, perhaps unforeseen, but nevertheless important impact on people – it gave them clarity. Once the pandemic struck, priorities came sharply into focus.

The sentiment of the market and the sentiment of the people is the main factor that we all need to understand.

People realized that their own home is the one refuge that will protect them against all eventualities. They realized that their home is the most expensive purchase they will ever make; but not buying their home will cost them something even more expensive – the security and well-being of their family, their peace of mind, and their stability.

So, all those people who had planned on living on rent before the pandemic swung en masse to becoming home buyers. Everyone re-prioritised. And home buying was back… with a bang.

Q/ Future technologies like Blockchain, AI, and Geospatial are not just changing the real estate landscape globally but have also seen encouragement from the Indian Government in recent times. What are some future developments you expect from this marriage between real estate and future tech?

A: The main benefit of the marriage between real estate and technology, I believe, is the ease, efficiency and transparency that will come about in the buying/selling transactions as well as in the relationship between buyers and sellers.

It is the technology which will make it possible for an expat buyer, for instance, to be sitting in part of the world to review, analyse, compare, validate various properties in India, and make a purchase with a single click.

The main benefit of the marriage between real estate and technology, I believe, is the ease, efficiency and transparency that will come about in the buying/selling transactions.

Bringing buyers and sellers together in order to make real estate transactions as easy as buying anything else – is the biggest advantage of future tech. We will also see some amazing innovations in how technology will help to create new uses for real estate.

We have heard of co-working spaces, but technology will be able to give us the ability to use a single table as a complete office; people will be able to rent a table in space, and then access office infrastructure through smart technology.

That is good news for buyers and sellers alike because technology will not only make it easier, better, and smoother to buy and sell real estate; it will also create new usages for real estate, making it possible to slice out revenue from something as slim as table space.

Q/ Lastly, some personal opinion: What are your observations on the Indian middle- and upper-class sentiment dynamics about real estate as an investment? Any tips for them in the upcoming market scenario?

A: We have consolidated our insights, opinions and advice for the Indian middle and upper-middle class in our book Real Rich by Goel Ganga Group. This is a book that is a must-read for all people – buyers, sellers, channel partners, and real estate professionals – who want to understand what it takes to become Real Rich.

Everyone you see, everyone you meet is, at the end of the day, aspiring for something. And that something, most often, is a life that is abundant, in other words, rich. While we are tempted to invest in mutual funds and shares and stock etc, one of the things we tend to overlook is investing in real estate.

Our book, Real Rich, makes a compelling argument for how it is ONLY real estate that gives you the assets in life that make you real rich. Investing in real estate is a no-brainer once you give it a deep, objective, fact-based thought. This is exactly what our book Real Rich helps you to do.

Q/ Any tips for the readers of this article?

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