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Art Digitization Arch India

Digitization of Indian Art: Exciting Facts You Need to Know

The art industry is brightly evolving, taking inspiration from some of the greatest tech innovation in other sectors. Art digitization is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, considering India’s rich legacy of varied artistic traditions. Interventions such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain are helping preserve and restore ancient Indian antiquities as well as promote …

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Fundamentals of Interior Acoustics: Sound Minds Require Sound Design

You may call Interior Acoustics a blend of Science and Design, for it requires due attention to both functional optimization and aesthetics. These days, a range of devices have come to replace traditional acoustical materials in Interior Design. With new advancements in technology and wider research in the interior acoustics domain, designers have the opportunity …


Biodigester in MAHA-METRO: A Sustainable Alternative

The Government of India and the State Government of Maharashtra are jointly working toward water conservation and environment protection. The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (MAHA-METRO) have come together under this joint venture. They are installing DRDO’s eco-friendly Biodigester Units in Metro facilities in Maharashtra. Featured Image: Courtesy …