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This Pune Hospital embodies a New & Progressive Face for Healthcare Infrastructure in India

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The Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre, designed by Mumbai-based IMK Architects, occupies the lower slopes of a forested hill in Lavale, Pune. The multi-specialty hospital and state-of-the-art research centre aim to provide world-class healthcare and education facilities, while also ensuring outreach to peripheral, far-flung and access-compromised settlements. Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre / …

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What You Need to Know About the Central Vista Redevelopment Project

The Central Vista Redevelopment is one of the most ambitious projects of the Government of India in recent times. The colossal project hopes to envisage the broad trajectory of the nation’s growth since its independence. The ₹20,000 crores-worth mega-project has commissioned state-of-the-art infrastructure for several sustainable government offices.  Cover Image Courtesy: Website of HCP (Project …