Arch India is an all-new digital digest that seeks to be India’s very own portal on the Culture, Urbanism, Architecture & Design of the country, inside out. We are a one-of-a-kind platform of story-tellers, celebrating the diversity, while acknowledging the concerns, of India’s cities, towns & villages. If the description below strikes a chord, we would love to hear from you!

What do We Stand for?

At Arch India, we advocate the confluence of Architecture & Design with Culture & Urbanism. Here are our goals:

  • Research, writing and publishing of articles on India’s Tangible & Intangible Culture, Cities & Urban Affairs, Architectural Marvels and Design Solutions.
  • Presenting Case Studies on Projects, Urban Challenges & Prospects and Innovative Design Interventions.
  • Celebrating Architects, Designers, Environmentalists and Urbanists of the country.
  • Creating a Photo-Journalism Repository of India’s diverse Cultural Heritage.

Who are We Looking for?

Contributing Journalists

Write occasional guest posts for us, and we will feature your Articles on Arch India. Fill out the form HERE.


DM or tag us on Instagram (use #archindiafeature) or simply share your your Photography Portfolio/ for the Unpaid Position of a Photojournalist. We will feature your work on our website and social media with due credits.

Content Writing Interns

Pass our Screening Test, and work with us as a Paid Content Writer. More details HERE.