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Landscape Architecture in India: Everything You Need to Know

Landscape Architecture in India Blog Cover Arch India

Landscape architecture is the designing of the visible features of the space to enhance the overall aesthetic and experience by changing contours, planting trees and shrubs, and adding ornamental features. The broad and interdisciplinary field of Landscape Architecture also requires an understanding of architecture, biology, wildlife, engineering, and urban and interior design, and has recently …

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This Pune Hospital embodies a New & Progressive Face for Healthcare Infrastructure in India

The Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre, designed by Mumbai-based IMK Architects, occupies the lower slopes of a forested hill in Lavale, Pune. The multi-specialty hospital and state-of-the-art research centre aim to provide world-class healthcare and education facilities, while also ensuring outreach to peripheral, far-flung and access-compromised settlements. Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre / …

Art Digitization Arch India

Digitization of Indian Art: Exciting Facts You Need to Know

The art industry is brightly evolving, taking inspiration from some of the greatest tech innovation in other sectors. Art digitization is accelerating at an unprecedented pace, considering India’s rich legacy of varied artistic traditions. Interventions such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchain are helping preserve and restore ancient Indian antiquities as well as promote …

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What You Need to Know About the Central Vista Redevelopment Project

The Central Vista Redevelopment is one of the most ambitious projects of the Government of India in recent times. The colossal project hopes to envisage the broad trajectory of the nation’s growth since its independence. The ₹20,000 crores-worth mega-project has commissioned state-of-the-art infrastructure for several sustainable government offices.  Cover Image Courtesy: Website of HCP (Project …

History of hampi blog cover arch india

The History of Hampi: A Forgotten Empire

India is a land of not just geographical and ethnic, but also cultural diversity. The country has been home to many kings and their kingdoms, lands and their lords, governments and their heads. However, not all of them have survived to this day to speak of their saga as before. Such is the history of …

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Fundamentals of Interior Acoustics: Sound Minds Require Sound Design

You may call Interior Acoustics a blend of Science and Design, for it requires due attention to both functional optimization and aesthetics. These days, a range of devices have come to replace traditional acoustical materials in Interior Design. With new advancements in technology and wider research in the interior acoustics domain, designers have the opportunity …

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Life in the Concrete Jungle: The Resilient Greenery of Chandigarh

Located at the foot of the Shivalik, Chandigarh was a visionary project of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Nehru wanted to showcase the resilience, modernity and sovereignty of post-independent India to the global world. Designed by eminent Swiss-French Architect Le Corbusier, Chandigarh features an intricately stitched urban fabric with proportionate built and unbuilt spaces.  …

Taj Mahal Blog Cover arch india

The Taj Mahal: A Corroding Symbol of Eternal Love

The Taj Mahal has long stood as a symbol of eternal love. Even the most jaded traveller is left in awe at the sheer grandeur of the site. The dizzying heat of Agra and the seemingly endless rush of tourists may deter one’s spirits at first sight. Still, the monument alone makes it all worthwhile. One is, however, …