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symbiosis university hospital main view

This Pune Hospital embodies a New & Progressive Face for Healthcare Infrastructure in India

The Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre, designed by Mumbai-based IMK Architects, occupies the lower slopes of a forested hill in Lavale, Pune. The multi-specialty hospital and state-of-the-art research centre aim to provide world-class healthcare and education facilities, while also ensuring outreach to peripheral, far-flung and access-compromised settlements.

Gallery House Abin Design Studio Arch India Cover

How an Architect’s Vision Changed His Client’s Mind: Gallery House / Abin Design Studio

Architecture and Design firm Abin Design Studio took the opportunity of transforming a simple client brief into an iconic structure. Reflecting Bengal’s beauty – both material and social – the Gallery House reinstates the role of the Architect in giving back to the community…

Jagannath Temple Puri Arch India Cover

The Jagannath Temple of Puri: Indian Architecture at its Prime

The Temple Town of Puri, covering some 3000 square kilometres, is one you could cover mostly on foot. The city holds tremendous historic, religious and architectural significance, such as the Jagannath Temple. Embarking on an attempt to map the beauty and wonders of the quaint city, ArchIndia dedicates a series of articles to Puri: The Temple Town…


Places to Visit in Kolkata: The Bow Barracks

India is a land of not just geographical and ethnic, but also cultural diversity. The country has been home to many kings and their kingdoms, lands and their lords, governments and their heads. The land of glorious civilizations has also witnessed grandiose structures, spaces and stories. However, not all of them have survived to this day to speak of their saga as before. Many of them today are, as we would like to call them, heritage in ruins…

hills northeast

The Paradise Unexplored: Everything You Wanted to Know About the North East

North-East India is truly a gateway to one of India’s rich pools of cultural and natural diversity. The region holds tremendous potential when it comes to sustainable economic development...

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Biodigester in MAHA-METRO: A Sustainable Alternative

Located at the foot of the Shivalik, Chandigarh The Government of India and the State Government of Maharashtra are jointly working toward water conservation and environment protection. The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)…

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Modern Indian Architecture: A Tryst with Timelessness

A discussion on what course Modern Indian Architecture must possibly take. Because Tradition and Modernity might not even be rivals at all...

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temple town

The Temple Town: Everything You Wanted to Know About Puri, Odisha

The Temple Town of Puri, covering some 3000 square kilometres, is one you could cover mostly on foot. The city holds tremendous historic, religious and architectural significance...

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