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The “Built Environment” comprises all physical areas created by humans in which we live, play, and work. These consist of our buildings, furnishings, open spaces, roads, utilities, and other infrastructure.

The built environment can impact our mental and physical health, emotions, productivity, and mood of both individuals and communities. It can drive positive change and better futures without being irresponsible, or boring.

We like to discuss how.

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arch – /ɑːtʃ/ – prefix: arch-

  1. chief; principal.
  2. pre-eminent of its kind; out-and-out.

Arch India brings out stories on infrastructure, construction, design, and allied industries in India. We feature news, independent & expert opinions, and stories about brands, changemakers, and innovators. Our digital publication collects, nurtures, and promotes thoughts reflective of the consolidated Indian AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Industry.

Built Development in India: An Overview

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The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry provides a living for more than 25% of the working population in India. By 2030, the Indian real estate market would be worth $1 trillion.

The AEC industry also has a significant impact on a number of economic sub-sectors, including transportation, power systems, agriculture, telecommunications, healthcare, education, and urban and rural development.

AEC consequently becomes the fundamental component of socioeconomic development.

What We Do

We are a multidisciplinary research and media house with a focus on the Indian built development landscape. Through journalism that is relevant, to the point, and inspiring, we are nurturing discussions that matter.

The All-in-One Design & Construction Magazine You Need

Our goal is to help put forth stories and views about built development challenges and innovation in India.

We focus on quality research, creation, and publishing of content. Through this, we are trying to address the need for an authoritative AEC industry magazine in the country.

Arch India magazine is also working on some special initiatives pertaining to Culture, Urbanism, Architecture & Design. One of them is the creation of a dedicated Photo-Journalism Repository of India’s diverse Cultural Heritage.

Arch India views the entire built development landscape as one, instead of multiple industries of Architecture, Construction, or Infrastructure. It is the entire ecosystem as a whole that we talk about, for it is one.”

Sakshi Singh, Co-founder, Arch India

“There are not many platforms to voice the works, ideas, and legacies of changemakers of the built environment. We hope Arch India can do that.”

Sourav Suman, Co-founder, Arch India

We feature projects, products, brands, and brand-makers driving innovation in the Indian built environment.

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