Arch India is an endeavour to spread the word about India’s Arts and Culture, Urbanism and Placemaking stories, inside out

We are a one-of-a-kind platform of StoryTellers, celebrating the diversity, while acknowledging the concerns, of India’s cities, towns & villages. We publish trustworthy and informative content for our readers and viewers.

Who We Are

We call ourselves a Digital Digest presenting the beauty of India’s culture and heritage, art and architecture, cities and people. Our comprehensive content is not just a ready repository but also a communicative portal for those who wish to discover India and its many layers, right from the pages of history to the dusts of the present.

Our Focus Areas

Architectural Marvels

Design Interventions

Visual, Material, Literary and Performing Arts

Tangible and Intangible Heritage

Cities and Urban Affairs

what arch india does

To put things simply, we write, talk and express. Arch India is an explanatory journalism initiative on the Spaces, Structures and Stories of India that matter.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help create a quality e-zine where we bring together stories, experiences and creations.

Our focus is on quality research, creation and publishing of content about places that soothe the soul, creations that stir the mind and innovators that make a difference. We talk about Spaces, Structures and Stories.

Arch India is also working on some special initiatives pertaining to Culture, Urbanism, Architecture & Design. One of them is the creation of a dedicated Photo-Journalism Repository of India’s diverse Cultural Heritage.

Arch India aims to create readership and viewership on the Art, Architecture and Heritage of India, besides its People and Places.”

Sakshi Singh, Co-founder, Arch India

“There are not many platforms to voice the works, ideas and legacies of Indian creators and changemakers. We hope Arch India can do that.”

Sourav Suman, Co-founder, Arch India

Talking Point

sabarmati ashram


We feature the beauty of Indian architecture and the inspiring architects who are both continuing and redefining Indian Architectural traditions in our country.

question pin


Celebrating Indian designers and their spectacular creations, this section focusses on various Design Interventions in the field of Products, Fashion, Interiors, UX and more.

harappan pots


Talking about concepts, ventures and trends, this section thus focuses chiefly on various Indian arts and crafts, whether visual, material, performing or literary.

jagannath puri


Arch India aims to do its own little bit toward awareness, documentation and conservation of both vibrant and dying Cultural Heritage of the country.



Through this section, we plan on sharing insightful content on the relevance, impact and legacy of the ever-growing Indian settlements.

Spaces, Structures and Stories

from India

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